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asylum -

The universe is divided into three parts – the Punishment, the Asylum, and the Outsiders.

The Outsiders are the people who don’t know that magic is real. Who think fairy tales are children stories and fantasy books are fun to read. Nothing more. They think the world is no deeper or stranger than what they see. They walk on the outside of the veil, grown up and denying what they could see for themselves if they let themselves believe.

The Punishment know about magic. They know it’s real, they know it’s out there, they know it’s bigger than them and they want to destroy it. They think that magic will some day take over the world, and destroy everything in its path – including them. They think it’s evil and unnatural.

The Asylum is the magical part of the universe. Where creatures with magic in their blood live, and people who don’t have magic in their blood but believe in it. People of the Asylum are wild and free. The Asylum exists with no trends or concepts of normalcy to feel pressured into following. People of the Asylum are unapologetically themselves and protected for it.

  • Asylum has its own universal language. Most who are born and raised in Asylum grow up speaking this language as their original language, and often never learn any Outside language. It might be the only subject that is taught in every school and by every tutor, for those who come into Asylum later in life or grow up in the few places where Outside languages are more common.