through the fever and the graves we carry on

  • Jess(i?e+)? or Hope (she/they, он/она)

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  • i draw, write (in Russian), animate things. creations are tagged as #babkart

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I got ORANGE GAY... what type of gay are you?

i'm vibe checking all of you and you have no say in the matter


star-rice -

Red gay, accurate

babushka -


you are energetic and confident. although you can be anxious at times, and it makes you hesitate, at your core you’re a very vibrant person who loves to make people laugh and spend time with your friends. you seek out connection, but when people reciprocate your interest, you get nervous and second-guess yourself. when you allow yourself to get past that, you’re a dedicated friend and partner who loves to shower the people close to you in affection and show them off. you match best with orange and blue gays.