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autiestella -

my heart is a rose
laid in a bed of thorns

my petals plucked
one too many times

knowing i would prick you,
i wanted you to leave too

but you didn’t, you wouldn’t,
you told me you couldn’t

showing me love, showing me light
all i could ever need

my heart is a rose
laid in a bed of thorns

and while that may never change,
i’m glad your hand is in mine.

strange mood night, thinking abt trauma & mental illness

easy to feel deserve bad
easy to want push away all good
easy to lash out & hurt, try make good leave

think equaly important remember
no relationship magic "fix" of trauma or mental illness
but when feel truly important & love by someone... can help take some edge away - whether is family, friend, partner, even own self.

some of thorn may always remain
bad memry, bad feeling, nightmare, ways of cope ...
but someone will love regardless
& stella promise, you deserve that

got some less than stellar news today but hey sunset pretty