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sidh -

The precious

The darling

The daughter

For my best friend @aWildNep on twitter <3

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sidh -

One (1) incubus redesign

Kyn is pretty and knows it

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Two and a half hours into rendering and heres what we're looking like~

i think the eldritch entities born from capitalism should get to hold hands

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This has next to no references but this IS and Over The Garden Wall fanart

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laurent says everyone should know how cool his best friend is!!!!

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✩ all prices are in GBP
✩ payment upfront through paypal invoice
✩ prices are per character
✩ NSFW allowed for customers over 18
✩ detailed designs will incur an additional cost

CARRD: https://becksarts.carrd.co
FORM: https://forms.gle/txmoy3QVUvbULMsc6

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Really love this design/character and how this came out so this Patreon for @Sweetochii gets its own post.

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mier -

konrad angst konrad angst

Commission - 'There There Nashu~'

Render commission for Twitter

Commission - Budding Bard

Sketch commission for Twitter

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commission for a twitter client!! ♥


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don't mind me just trying to figure out how their uniforms work??

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Harmony Doodle

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Neon Lights

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rah -

My creative juice is dry but still wanted to draw. Decided to recreate an image that I came across because I miss drawing food. I want Goku's stomach and appetite.

Here's the original image from Dragon Ball Z.

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basin -


Skintober 11 - program

Day 11 - I’ve explored PROJECT a lot so I figured I should attempt a program skin…hmmmmmm

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more mushrooms :0

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OC-tober #1 - ren

this is a new oc of mine that i made recently! i'd been meaning to draw them and i thought this would be a perfect opportunity! ♥


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Was talking with house mates and realized this was a perfect opportunity to Trans Rights.

I try to call you every day (I'm rehearsing what to say)

redraw of an old piece!!! touch-tone telephone.........

proper refs for the main cast!