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a sensitive girl with resting sad face. be nice to her

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I love drawing dragon boys (especially without pants).

The glowing ball is a dragon egg, someone's gonna be a a few centuries!

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The Soup Faerie

Neopets Soup Faerie! 🥣

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June 30th 2020

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comm for a friend!! ♥


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look at my children..

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moon -

Fuchsia Ruler

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weep, child, for everything you've lost

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Blake - Commission

A commission I did for @sidh

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vocaloid android headcanon

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Commission for scoob of her characters Rakkon and Aelius! I'm quite happy with how this one turned out~

Somaguy with a pencil

His crush gave him one of those silly inspirational pencils!

Gift for my friend drazzonic on devinatart, this is her char Soma. <3

Teacher in two (2) different universes!

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Happy Birthday Lowell!

[ID: Lowell, floating in a spaceship, surrounded by birthday gifts and cake. A blue planet makes the backdrop of the video call he's in. /End ID]

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Chatot in pokemon cafe mix

The game came out just a few days ago and got inspired to make my favorite pokemon in the stile of it.


Mew Colour Palette Challenge

this was my very first pokemon colour palette..heck maybe even my first colour plaette challenge since i didn't sign it with a date

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.”
— Sophia Bush

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blanca.. heard tht theyre not in new horizonz :(

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Have a dancing twig for your splashboard.

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Here's some chibi practice crops I did a while back! I want to try and make some super cute chibis one day ;u;

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This drink! Another! Another gift!! Gift for @vincebirds of their character Izaak's derg form! c: Your art is absolutely beautiful and your paintery style is so nice to look at so here have a thing cx
Trying a lil animation thing I've done before but last time it was much bigger and had no markings. So I tried something smaller with markings, albeit simple markings.

Time: 2-ish hours
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: Izaak

Music Vibe: Mouth Sweet by Rabbit Rabbit (album)
a chill mix w/ screaming (PURgE, if ur sensitive to that stuff)

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look at these gay elves