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okay correction, not only does my fever go up from stress, it does so from excitement too! basically any extreme emotion.

now we add BPD (or as i call it Extreme Emotions Disorder) in the equasion... yeah basically i am constantly on fire.

[Image Description: a screenshot of an email notification from NaNoWriMo. It says "It's almost time to write! Are you..." End ID]

I absolutely am not but thanks for asking

A Coin Has Been Tossed, ladies and non-ladies

I am so relieved that my fever might just drop

didn't sleep because stressing out because of the whole commission thing

absurd Silmarills headcanon

So the thing is, - and someone who actually knows Silmarillion canon will have to correct me, but I don't know if there's anyone here besides @gremlin-gal - that I'm getting mixed vibes. There is this quote that no one will know how exactly silmarills were made before Fёanor comes back, and yet they're said to be made from a "crystalline substance". Well, I have no idea what that means, but what if... epoxy?

Okay, hear me out. Epoxy resin... resin is essentially tar (natural or artificial). Tar comes from trees. The light of the Two Trees is contained in the Silmarills. So, theoretically, Fёanor could just cut each of the trees, get some tar... then, of course, he didn't have a silicone mold to just pour it in so he had to - first - make it harden somehow (because it takes years for tar to turn into amber? and it happens with the help of the seas to give it shape) and then give it shape. Which must have gotten a ton of work and probably a ton of some borderline magic stuff.

Now let's get real - of course, he had to ask Valar for permission to do that (namely Yavanna probably), but in the beginning, it all was about preserving the light, so they were all for it, but it's also understandable why no one could know about it. Because if people knew they would just start cutting up the trees (or demanding permission to do so from Valar since they're probably not that easy to cut in the first place). And I think eventually Fёanor starts to think of them as his creation entirely (think that part is canon?) so he doesn't reveal the origins of substance and whatnot

Okay now tolkienists can unleash your wrath no me I have no idea what I'm talking about

busy day today!! but i get most of the shit done

busy day today, might fork around and make an art advice post

not "do like me to draw like me" post, but "things i wish i knew" post

so i just called support and they said "wait on the line please" and then africa by toto started playing

babushka reblogged babushka

An important message to all Russians, brought to you by me...

babushka -

НАДЕНЬТЕ ШАПКУ! (Put your goddamn cap/hat/ushanka on!)

babushka -

i see russians ignoring this... i see you... (/j)

"but we never go outside" then where do all the crowds i see from my windows come from. if you don't wear a mask at least get your goddamn hat

would love to make a sixsona but im not inserting myself into goddamn history

Technically im still able to go to the tsarbucks and get some pumpkin spiced shit but ill have to wait until my next day off which falls on a workday so i could get there when literally no one else is there

young man

young me a man

man him the youngest

that i'd ever stan

wanted to make an inspirational post about art but too sleepy so ill keep it short

ive never consiously tried to improve my art in my life and yet i still have massively improved so imagine how much y'all can improve if you are actually working towards it

i may elaborate

this version of 99 luftballons surely exists but i can't find it anywhere outside vk. Idk if anyone will be able to view it tho

Can't believe it took me 25 years to listen to Another Holy War i love it i love the melody in this so much

Someone force me to actually use protection while working with resin

thanks @autiestella for always being there for me with a blanket

seriously thinking of doing commissions but probably not before winter, don't wanna overwork myself

might get therapy next week folkssssssssss

the most expensive one so far but heck