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anyway im kinda tired of thinking im the bad person tbh. im not the worst, i've certainly brightened some lives, even if for a brief moment. im okay.

i feel like when smspace is over i could have enough skill to do ych commissions (if paypal integrates ofc) so uhhh maybe someone would want idk idk you tell me

today is a tired day. i am very sleepy, deadline is appcroaching (we're speaking of hours here, not days aka счёт уже пошёл на часы) and the heap of work i have to do before it is hhh... pretty much impossible. idk what happens if i fail tho

why does terrible stuff exist

(don't tell me it exists to make us appreciate the good stuff, there's a lot of stuff that's too terrible for us to even comprehend properly and yet)

where's that thin semantic line between "you can't really 'overdo social justice' because people are still suffering way beyond acceptable levels" and "attacking an LGBT+ creator of Steven Universe for the lack of representation in Steven Universe is pretty unnecessary and harmful"

my hair is falling the HECK out and im scared

anne what are you doing thats not devil horns

yeah in other news my hair is falling out and im now scared to dye it but i have to do it in time when the discounts work. i am not sure why, it might be my meds in which case its fine since we've reduced them. I look good bald but i need my hair for metal reasons you see

oh, you must have misundertstood.. I am the overpowered anime character here. Hello!

another fullbody picrew

not all colors are availiable for everything (even though the entire pallete is like b/w), but stuff is movable anf there's Flames

SAILOR MOON SPACE IS MOVING TO ANOTHER BLOG and I'll finish all of the moving relatively soon

i know how extremely overworked and underpaid most retail workers are but still i don't see why it's okay to tell me stuff like "we're gonna do that waffle so good just like we do your MOM"

*gazes longingly out of the window* when will fast reblog return from the war

Midnight is a cat confirmed

if i drew something like chibis in bottles would anyone be interested? wanna practice my simplified style and some bgs

Okay, so this "old people shouldn't be able to vote" is spreading again, as in "they shouln't because they don't have much left to live" and im so tired that this is passed as a legitimage argument

Imagine living in a government, the laws of which apply to you just as much as they do to everyone else, and also being more dependent on societalgovernmental support (since old people can't work, get sick, are more fragile and can be neglected by younger members of their families pretty often), having rights, wants, needs and ideas about how government should work

And have all of them disregared because "well you're gonna die soon lol"

No one has ever suggested terminally ill people don't have the right to vote! Because you don't get to joke about "farting in the elevator" about terminally ill people , however, it's somehow easily done about the old people. Because terminally ill pesron can be young and progressive like you! But every old person is probably as conservative as your racist uncle who you have negative associations with. And i get it, most of us have older members of families we wish to distance ourselves from, so it's hard for us to imagine older people in positive life... but should we really go as far as disregard their rights to vote?

"But we're not stereotyping old people, it's really how situation is, the majority of voters are old and conservative and their votes are ruining our current situation" - well maybe that means there should be a way to get through to them instead of just wishing for their votes to be magically gone based on their age and nothing more!

hey i know this stuff doesn't work but if you wanna sign the petition ( against the russian anti trans law and spam the comments with "trans rights" you're more than welcome here

Sometimes i recally wanna post something like "i am starting to follow more creators of color! cool" or "im about to learn how to draw natural hair" or some stuff like that because sometimes i am excited about this stuff

But then i remember the replies will be "oh so you expect praise or a pat on the back for not being a huge racist??" and im like yeah thats fair so i just don't post stiff like that

no one in my region believes in pandemic i swear. I can cough my lungs out in front of them and they'll just poke me with an elbow to ask if i can move faster in the queue

okay but i feel so much better after typing the vent stuff out wtf

@beefox @spacepandy thank you for your messages and sorry for the lack of in-depth answer, today is a really tired kinda day...

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the more i learn about lovecraft and his worlds the more i dislike everything about it

not in the way its badly written (i don't really know about that), but there is two things that i generally don't really engage too much in, it's horror and complicated lore, and here we have both... also the elder gods, who are supposed to be super otherworldly, still have something ridiculously human to them from time to time, which turns me off...

i am just saying that despite the fact i drew cthulhu and will probably draw him again and i'm not in a "fandom" or anything like that at all. i mean i might try to listen to Cradle of Filth again but that's literally it

babushka -

@supermario, i guess, but also the character himself is not what i thought he would be. i feel like the sole reason the cult exists in those stories is for Lovecraft to be racist, so that kinda just ruins the logic of charactes and stories for me. and cthulhu is really inseparable from all that pantheon he comes from, so i guess i just like his appearance then.

also my mental health is most likely causing me to shut down a little. i keep thinking about all the things i wanna post/talk about, but then i end up not posting them because i just don't feel good enough about myself by the point i open wf