through the fever and the graves we carry on

  • Jess(i?e+)? or Hope (she/they, он/она)

  • adult (25)

  • icon by perpetualwhirlpoolofconfusion on tumblr (picrew link)

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  • aspiring metalhead

  • i draw, write (in Russian), animate things. creations are tagged as #babkart

  • black lives matter

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new icon because difficult times


this picrew is very horror-y and gore-y or even traumacore-y and not diverse at all so... don't try this at home. but hell it made me feel things and had some perfectly captured

oh, my heart hurts so good

pretty much, the ideal version of myself right here. picrew referencing some pop artists (include LANY), stylish and diverse one.



try this picrew for yourselves and build a robot you want to be!

sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...

this one doesn't have a lot of options but those few of them sold me.

another anime boy picrew


this one picrew is probably one of the edgiest there is, so naturally i had to try it