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Alexander - Commission

Another commission finished! Experimented a lot with this one and it was a treat to draw!

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rah -

Sage, Paprika, and Sable. My autumn kids. Very fond of doodling them lately.

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mier -

almost done

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ciddie -

✧・゚:* s h o u j o *:・゚✧

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Huevember Day 27: Death

everytime i draw him, his hair seems to get spikier xD

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bought realistic paint studio since it's on sale for $10 and i thought it would be cute for sketching. i really liked the pencils and pastels brush physics and will probably use those to do thumbnail sketches. i don't know enough about watercolors or oil paints to comment on those, but the brush textures seem pretty nice.

If you're looking at reviews for this, i think most of them were made in october or at least before ver 1.20 came out. v1.20 fixes some of the issues people had, mainly to do with canvases being locked to 72dpi (you can make a custom canvas and change the dpi/dimensions) and the frames being tied to whether you're saving as png or jpg

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So I stayed up until two am last night painting this and uh. Funny story- if you know the like, two or three admittedly kinda thin layers of context for this, it's actually fanart.

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Huevember Day 24: Tilu

dang their hair is usually blue but this green is really growing on me :0

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No Mysteries Here

It takes a keen eye to find the ideal pumpkin for jack-o'-lantern carving; who better suited to the task than Velma and Marcie?

(While Marcie's sexuality was never stated as specifically lesbian, it felt rude to leave her out of the piece with Velma, given their relationship.)

Piece #8 for Spooky Celebrations, with International Lesbian Day.

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sidh -

The precious

The darling

The daughter

For my best friend @aWildNep on twitter <3

here’s an incredibly scribbly drawing i’ve been wanting to do of 76 avery + the settler wanderer ally :) for my own purposes i’ve decided to name the settler wanderer eva! avery loves her very very much...

i also have a page for 76 avery on the avatie carrd now!

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sidh -

One (1) incubus redesign

Kyn is pretty and knows it

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rah -

"Don't tell me you threw him in the river. Again."

"He made fun of my ears!"

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Two and a half hours into rendering and heres what we're looking like~

i think the eldritch entities born from capitalism should get to hold hands

bananna borb

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dv-art -

Inktober Day 28: Ride

id say this is a pretty decent car from someone who has no idea how to draw cars. like, if you squint it looks kinda like what your mental image of a car is

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. Two figures in a convertible car drive down a winding country road on a clear sunny day. The one in the front passenger seat has their arms raised in victory. There are high mountains on the horizon. End ID.]

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mier -

their name was Bubbles

mier -

huevember 16 we are like halfway

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Sugar Rush

Trying on the Halloween costume early, just to make sure it fits.

Piece #10-2 for Spooky Celebrations, with National Cake Decorating Day and National Angel Food Cake Day.

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mier -

tried to make a vtuber out of my stuffed bunny Bonbon

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I felt that painting itch again, so here we are. These make me feel less stressed about making something 100% perfect and good for a portfolio, so I can experiment and learn in peace.

Made some pixel sprites of Tix!

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concept art for character from my 「game」
unhelpful process gif
weird game site
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