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An Anonymous user asked:

Cloth masks in my area of the US are $10-$15 + tax for 1, and $10 for a pack of 5 disposable ones that can't be reused (or are not supposed to be reused at least). And no, we're not okay. There's lots of profiteering via masks going on when masks should be provided by the State/Fed Gov for free (but since no covid help is being passed.... :/ )

Oh oof. Sending good vibes.

An Anonymous user asked:

so russia seems to be the first country to start actually vaccinating people.. how do you feel about the vaccine? will u take it? i heard there's a lot of scepticism seeing as it came so fast

i've kinda stopped following the news and i don't know anyone who's actually vaccinated but yeah people are incredibly sceptical. i am not thinking about it yet since it's not yet avaliable for me and i don't know when it will be avaliable. i think they said something about vaccinating medical personnell and teachers first, but now schools are sort of closing again so idk if even the teachers will be the first to get vaccinated. Hmmm

An Anonymous user asked:

It's not really the same but I used to vent in journals and it was probably really bad for my mental health so I gave it up for a long time but I recently got into it again while only trying to write about good things. Like I'll just write about what books I'm reading and things like that and it's actually helped me a lot to not just see journals and writing as a way to vent and complain about life

This is actually a really good idea! A lot of self-help methods suggest the so-called "gratitude journals", and even though the concept (write down stuff you're grateful for each day) sounds a little like something facebook neurotypicals would suggest along with other stuff like "just be positive", it, surprisingly, actually changes a lot. I don't know about gratutude but i think writing good stuff is a great way to achieve similar goals!

Venting really helps me however, since I have a habit of invalidating my own problems, not giving them enough attention or just not seeing them clearly. Sometimes, after I type a problem down, I can feel like it just... dissolves.

An Anonymous user asked:

law of attraction post? 👀👀👀

*breaks knuckles* aight

So, law of attraction and the like. I've made a post about my problems with this alleged "law" before, and it basically boils down to:

1) it's exact definition is unclear. you supposedly attract what you think about, attract things similar to you, but also attract what you fear and what you hate because you happen to think about those things too?

2) it is often presented as some kind of a scientific law even though there is no science behind it.

Now, disclaimer. Do people's thoughts and mindsets impact their life and well-being greatly? Yes, absolutely. Is there a way to improve the quality of our lives while focusing on our mindsets? Yeah. Psychology is kinda all about that. Now, is this done by somehow controlling our thoughts and emotions and limiting them to being strictly positive and happy, as the adepts of the attraction law often suggest? Not really. I am making those statements mainly based on the book called "Get out of your mind and into your life", which explains a thing called Acceptance and Commitment therapy, backed by various studies, and also explains how trying to shut down emotion pain entirely actually causes human more emotional pain.

However, the adepts of attraction law often have arguments in its favor, which i would like to address below if the lists in the readmore won't glitch out.

1) "This person keeps dating people who are toxic and abusive to them. That's because they've grown up with a toxic parent and subconsiosly want their partner to replace said parent. See, if only they have changed their mindset from being a victim, that would immediately stop! But they keep attracting people like this, which means they want them".

Growing up in a toxic family means unwillingly internalizing certain models of behaviours and relationships. That often keeps your mind trapped in a scheme which can be harmful to you andor others because as a child, you didn't have a positive example of a healthy relationships being performed by adults in front of your eyes. Sometimes, the brain doesn't know any better then to seek out the familiar scenario, not because it's attractive in any way, but because it's familiar and it has already been learned.ws Unlearning this scheme is a complicated process, sometimes better to be done with a professional. It's much more complicated than "simply chaning your mind", and explaining this as an attraction into this implies that people want to be abused, which is not true and also is jumping straight into the victimblaming territory. People might feel like they deserve to be abused, but that doesn't mean the victims of abuse share the blame for abuse happening, or are destined to be abused simple because of their supposed "desire" for that. Either way, it's a complex psychological phenomena that can't (and absolutely shouldn't) be simplified to an easy "law of attraction".

2) "I've started manifesting and it worked, i've created a vision board and it all came true? Why don't other people do that and then complain about not getting what they want when it's actually so simple?"

Individual experiences are not solid scientific data; different things work for different people. Of course, setting a clear goal is a very important first step towards that goal. Sometimes, it just so happens that it's all that takes. But as far as i know, manifestation as a witchcraft practic is used to slightly improve your life, not to bring drastic changes into it, and you wouldn't manifest a car. Some things for some people can just be physically impossible under their current circumstances whether or not they take this important first step of setting a clear goal. Even if we accept the premise that the thoughts of one person can influence the universe greatly, there are millions of people around the universe with the same exact power, also impacting everything with their thoughts! That means, no matter what, we still have our limits, and there's no shame in admitting them.

3) "This person keeps talking a lot about how much they want the thing, but they never manage to get it. That must mean that deep down, they don't even want that thing in the first place!"

Again, complex issue! There is a woman who tells her family how much he wants to be a mother because the societal expectations are measuring her value solely by her motherly role, and she is desperate to have some value in the eyes of herself and her family; however, some part of her understands she is not ready to have a child yet (or possibly ever), so she ends up delaying this decision over and over again. And there is another woman who really wants to have a child and tries her best to get pregnant or adopt, but her medical or legal conditions stop her from doing it no matter how hard she tries. You don't know the situation of a person you're talking about, so it's best not to start assuming.

The thing with "law of attraction" is that it takes concepts from actual psychology and complex human lives, simplifies those to no end, throws away everything that doesn't fit the narrative, and presents it a psychologial fact, when, by definition, it just turns out to be dangerous misinformations. Our thoughts do impact our lives greatly, and there are ways to make our lives better knowing that. But you'll need to do a little more research to figure out exactly how to do it.

An Anonymous user asked:

someone who deserves oodles & boodles of nice warm fresh bread & taking care of self :D

An Anonymous user asked:

I enjoy seeing you on my dash! I appreciate your insight and thoughts. I hope you have good thibgs happen to you soon

An Anonymous user asked:

you seem like a very kind person and the posts you make are always very well written. It seems like you care a lot about other people. I don't know everything you're going through but I hope life eases up on you. If I knew you irl I like to think we'd be friends

An Anonymous user asked:


- what sound do you love?

the sound of METAL

also i don't know what it is about Tibeitan singing bowls but the sounds they make make me vibrate in a really good way

An Anonymous user asked:

I've only seen Americans argue those points honestly, voting absolutely works if you live in a democracy and America hasn't lived in a proper democracy in a long time, the voting system is specifically made to work against them, it's corrupt

americans, cherish your right to vote and hold those who would take that right (and so much more) away accountable

So, i am not really a politologist to define "proper democracy" here, but those arguments absolutely do happen in Russia too. Which is completely understandable. There is a saying in Russia that going to an election is like going to see an old movie - you already know how it ends before you're there, but you still go see it every time period since that's just how tradition is.

Now I believe our system isn't purposefully designed to be rigged as much as American is, but the election result are always pre-defined with the help of blatant lies and falcifications. And yeah we used to protest that back when protests were legal [1]. Also, we don't have a two-party system and a "lesser evil" to choose from, most of the time all the candidates are either the current president and his party or the staged ones.

We don't have big campaigns, rallies, i voted stickers or a big pressure to vote. Obviously there's a bunch of billboards and campaigns with videos from candidates but that's probably it?? When it's something other than the president (or amendments) it's pretty possible for me to just completely miss it. We actually had more of the marketing on tv and more flyers when i was a child aka early 2000s, so i am not quite sure why so. There's pressure to vote for certain candidates in certain places though, and also bribing. Welp...

So why do we still vote? Well, we do that because you can only falcify so many votes. That no matter how much you count and recount, 70% and 60% is the majority, but it isn't 80 or 90. Thus we at least have the rough idea about how many of us are actually there. There's also a "smart voting" thing that basically means "anyone but not the presidents party" and it sounds stupid but allegedly it's so effective that the inventor of this tactic got poisoned by the government??

And yeah minorities are absolutely going to be screwed over even if by any magic the president and his party completely vanish into thin air and we select the most progressive oppositioners since it's fucking Russia but yeah that's what mutual aid is for

edit: added sources! mostly wikipedia but well, wiki has its own sources

if anyone from russia wants to help out/correct/clarify im all ears

An Anonymous user asked:

Sending you much love and good health

thank you!! *.*

An Anonymous user asked:

jokes on you I censor st/ff like this t/o

>:3c good luck finding me

When im well enough to play hide and seek i might look for you

An Anonymous user asked:

To that anon! I've never learned Russian myself but Duolingo is pretty good to learn with, I've used it for a few languages and you have the option of being able to practice pronunciation with it. Duo usually has tips you can read through with regards to the current subject of your lesson. (Alphabet, greetings, etc), it's also free to use if money is an issue


An Anonymous user asked:

I am interested in learning Russian but am not sure where to start. Would you recommend apps like DuoLingo, or something more formal like a textbook to start out with? I know I need to learn grammar structure and that textbook is good for that, but I am talking about Baby's First Experience With Russian level learning. 0% Russian Known level type of advice. Thank you and sorry this is so early in the morning (I think it is maybe 5 am for Russia? But I do not know timezones well, so maybe it is night still. Or afternoon)

i have never learned a new language by myself from scratch so i don't know on this one, but i think some of my followers might help!

i also have to say that there will pronunciation issues going on if you're aiming to speak it out loud, since it'll probably have sounds that are hard to grasp on the first try, so maybe also get an app for that?

An Anonymous user asked:

nah nah say who u think i am im intrigued

luminousarbourious aka the only one on my dash who censors stuff like th/s so far

An Anonymous user asked:

eh that answer works

one of your messages just made me understand who you are. i have to say im not very surprised! i have SUSPECTED...

Not publishing the previous message in case you want to stay anonymous, but like. Maybe i'll watch it, just give me a month since im pretty overwhelmed as it is right now.

An Anonymous user asked:

I meant the one from DeviantArt that happened to be in a CallMeCarson video

googling this just opens a new can of uncomfortability tbh. Is that among us related?

An Anonymous user asked:

honestly interested- any guesses on my identity

i have always been really bad at guessing and it's four AM so i am just going to assume that you are 500 gribbles in a trenchcoat from now on

An Anonymous user asked:

i am sorry if the gribbles upset you, honestly I wasn't even specifically talking about the isopod, I was talking about Gribblesnap.

it's okay, no one could have known including me. Also it's too late. Everything is gribbles now. Everything is gribbles - his gribbles, his gribbles, his gribbles.

gonna google Gribblesnap then. this better be okay

An Anonymous user asked:

you can tell the "gribles have no rights" wasn't me since they spelled gribble wrong and i would never commit such a crime. also yes.

and here we have it. a gribble rights discourse.

An Anonymous user asked:

gribles have no rights

i changed my mind you can ask me about Russia again

An Anonymous user asked:

i would admit who i am but gribbles will then forever be my legacy

you want them to be MY legacy now, i see

An Anonymous user asked:

no, im simply enjoying the fact that you actually looked up what they were. Check under your pillow, I laid some gribbles there

you do realise i am not getting a good nights sleep tonight right

An Anonymous user asked:

i simply love gribbles. gribbles in salad.

you EAT THEM?????????????

An Anonymous user asked:





a small marine isopod crustacean that bores into submerged wooden structures, often causing damage to pier timbers.


An Anonymous user asked:

On nonnie because shy, but thank you for writing your post on Russia. It's easy for me as an American to think that how Americans handle govt conflict and how American govt makes strife is how things are in every rocky country. And your post tells me there are more similarities between Americans and Russians than I think a lot of folks want to believe, but also that Russia has problems and responses to problems that only Russia could have (and same for USA). It makes me sad thinking both America and Russia use each other as scapegoats, but it also comforts me a little bit too. We are not opposite worlds, we're just a bunch of people trying to survive. Many of us are very scared here and it is a paralyzing fear, but it is a little bit of comfort to know that other countries are having similar feelings and difficulties. I hope both our countries are able to become better ♥

Thank you!!! United we stand... Or just survive hopefully.

No, seriously, I think I've read two articles that described in exact same words how the USA tried to make the downfall of the USSR happen by "corrupting its youth"... and how the USSR, allegedly, did the same thing to the USA.