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Snow and Ice in Summertime

My favorite time to look at paintings of snow and ice is when it's miserably hot out - and today qualifies!

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gligar -

sneater (snake sweater) (extended)


Looks like you might've forgotten to pick 2-day shipping but ay, at least it's here now. :D

On a serious note, UNHOLY HELL this was lowkey a nightmare to draw. I didn't mean to go all in on the quality there, lmfao. It's 4am two days after starting this piece and I should've gone to sleep about 4 hours ago. Thank fuck I'm done. /is used to completing art same-day

Still worth it though. Really enjoyed being able to uno-reverse the boxhead idea. heh.

July 2020
Program(s): Paint Tool SAI

Zerayph belongs to NightofHazes on artfight.
Art belongs to myself, @sp00k5t3r

NightofHazes may use this image as they wish.
otherwise, please don't use in anyway whatsoever, thanks.

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bodys -

remember when i said i would post art then i didn't cuz i'm a liar. anyway i still have draw kurapika disease

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Reverse Destiel - Digital Oil Painting

I decided to take on @gabester-sketch​‘s Draw This In Your Style challenge and painted their Reverse!Verse Destiel in my realistic style. I love how it turned out!

Their original - https://gabester-sketch.tumblr.com/post/624380831905021952/whos-up-for-some-reverseverse

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Mermay Day 31 - Winter

okay im donneeee

sappho114 -

I think this just flat-out may be my favorite piece of mermaid art that I've ever seen. The style is immaculate and the headscarf just really amazing!!

gremlin-gal -

bro im cryign,,,, thank you, im really glad u like it so much

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cjadewyton -

If you can't make your own universe, store brought is fine

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finishing off 2019 with a cyberpunk piece

More Drawtobers (13-19)

13: The Forgotten 14: The Shadow 15: The Crowned 16: The Starry 17: The Jeweled 18: The Gilded Bird 19: The Sightless

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mier -

work in progress

Watercolor and ink doodle, kind of old but I still kind of like it