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ummmm so my therapist said something ive never heard anyone do or say before so imma share

she said to practice not labeling things as good or bad, there's a word for it but i don't rememember the english one

and she gave me an example, like instead of saying "i am ugly" (i feel ugly these days sadly, so)

i could just say "i wish i looked different"

this doesn't take away my feelings from the sentence but it doesn't sound like a death sentence anymore, also it now sounds like a ME problem (because I don't know what others people think of me, they might not think I'm ugly, I only think that, and I only think that because at this point of time i wish i look different).

also it's solution oriented because i can try looking different with makeup or whatever the heck there is


some people would try and say that it's not progressive and i should just jump straight to accepting and loving how i look but heres the thing

1) a licensed therapist said that and they also are very educated in their field so

2) feelings don't just go away easy like that and it's okay

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on the "its not progressive enough" bit, its hard to jump straight from self loathing to self love. Having neutral feelings about yourself is a lot easier of a stepping stone. Not being openly hostile towards yourself is a very reasonable goal especially if you've been less than kind to yourself for so long.

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