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Hi. Babka here again. I... need some extra money, and I'm willing to work for it. I don't expect to get anything from here and I will be posting a similar post to a Russian network where it hopefully reaches the right people. I am writing this one mostly as a preparation and a posting exercise.

Who I am: someone who has a full-time job that doesn't fully cover their medical expenses.

What I need: ideally, some one-time small tasks I can do in my spare time on weekends.

Remote work I can do and have done before:

  • Translating (ENG<->RUS, both fictional works and technical papers from IT sphere)
  • Proofreading (in Russian and English to some extent, not a native speaker but can point out some mistakes non-natives usually make)
  • Creative writing / copywriting (mostly in Russian, can do shorter texts in English)
  • Drawing icons (commission me here)
  • Video montage/video editing (can also add some basic special effects, text, and subtitles)

Things I haven't done before but I think I am capable of:

  • Captioning (in Russian)
  • Write poetry on a set theme (in Russian). I mostly write poetry for myself but I don't mind writing it for someone else
  • Help with basic programming homework (i have an IT degree, trust me)
  • Talk to you in Russian if you need some language practice

I can also make epoxy jewelry of basic complexity.

Hit me up if you are interested!

This post is going to be here for a while while I'm thinking of something else to add.

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Good luck to get some help for your uncovered expenses! I wish you the best!

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