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is your newsfeed also like "omg soviet lord of the rings just dropped" or is it just me

because i barely see any russians in the comments of that film it's just people making pretty dumb jokes in English who came here to see an actual feature film and didn't expect the fact that it's a play recorded for TV which never intended to be anything like Peter Jackson

and that just kinda ruins it for me because i just came there for the music and the entire thing makes me feel like home

i usually fucking laugh at the jokes about russia based on stereotypes because they're somewhat funny but now i just feel like the world got not only progressively more evil but also progressively dumber somehow

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i mean it was kind of overhyped and a "soviet adaptation of LOTR" sounded like it was something soviet people grew up with. even though it was filmed, i think, very close to the time USSR actually fell apart? and it is a very niche project with zero budget and the "special effects" look like very hot garbage, it would probably be better if they've just left the green screen green, i get it. but i still kinda get a warm fuzzy feeling inside from watching it (or maybe even listening to it because there's not a lot to watch considering what i just said) because it's nostalgic and because those people speak my language (even though the translation of names and places might give a cringe attack to a hardcore Russian tolkien fan). and people who don't speak Russian just go around calling it "incomprehensible nonsence"

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I had kind of heard about the Russian lotr and I was interested in watching but I figured it would just be cute and silly like the old animated movies. I can't believe people expected it to be like a masterpiece????

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"we want english subs" they say. what did you do to deserve them

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