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my entire newsfeed is like "genshin impact is cancelled". should I. should I even bother posting fanart anywhere outside waterfall

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Oh I see! Thing is, I didn't really expect people to... expect anything from the game, since it's reeally fanservic-y towards girl characters. I mean, their boobs don't exactly jiggle at my face but the clothes are way too tight. Do most of the girls even know you can wear a skirt that's long and not just two pieces of fabric in front and back ? Yeah...

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Alllllright, I was originally going to write this up at work on my break but then it sunk in over time how this would probably take my whole break, if not longer, to write on my phone so here we are 5 hours later when im home.

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the hashtag has changed more to mihoyo fix it. The cancel was originally mostly a joke complaint about a rumor that the next expansion update might be delayed. it evolved into actual problems people have with the game. But none of them are actually abandoning the game. It more things they want Mihoyo to change or do better. So the hashtag has changed. Wait a day or two for the hype to die down if you're really worried about negative comments. But you shouldn't get yelled at for drawing fanart of it.

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Post wherever you like, I’ll be back when I’m actually on break and not just standing in the back room at work to explain the whole “cancel” thing in full

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