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An Anonymous user asked:

so russia seems to be the first country to start actually vaccinating people.. how do you feel about the vaccine? will u take it? i heard there's a lot of scepticism seeing as it came so fast

i've kinda stopped following the news and i don't know anyone who's actually vaccinated but yeah people are incredibly sceptical. i am not thinking about it yet since it's not yet avaliable for me and i don't know when it will be avaliable. i think they said something about vaccinating medical personnell and teachers first, but now schools are sort of closing again so idk if even the teachers will be the first to get vaccinated. Hmmm

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TECHNICALLY it's still being tested even though a lot of doctors are already vaccinated. That's why people are sceptical. But mass vaccination is scheduled for january and we will probably have more info at that time

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