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There is a certain approach from certain feminist blogs out there that I don't like, and it consists of telling men "Your problems are created by patriarchy, which was created by other men" and... not saying anything else. This is technically the truth, but often, this form answer sounds along the lines of "you're a man, don't ask us what to do. Just ask your fellow men to stop creating problems for you!"

Which is not only "not as easy as it sounds", it's just not easy at all, period. Men experience all sorts of shit from other men (including and not limited to physical violence) all the damn time. Yes, members of the majority are more likely to listen to other members of their majority, but that's about it. It's good when you are sitting and talking with your friends and are able to tell them "you know, I think we, as a collective, should do better" is nice. But when you are in an environment that is already mistreating you and creating problems for you, you can't just ask them politely to stop, because if you could, you already would have.

Of course, misinformed men often tend to blame feminists or women for their problems which mostly ends horribly, so the basic explanation on how patriarchal society works and affects people is necessary, and it's good that it's being provided. However, this explanation alone, especially delivered in a "go talk to other men about this and tell them to stop" doesn't really solve anyone's problems it all

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