babushka(he/she, он/она/)
babushka(he/she, он/она/)
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Ko-fi Commissions! ICONS (768x768px)


background + lineart (examples* below) - 1 ko-fi (3 EUR) (examples below)

background + line art + coloring (examples below) - 2 ko-fis (6 EUR)

background + line art + coloring + simple shading (examples below) - 3 ko-fis (9 EUR)

cool monochrome manga effect (examples below) - free!! (for those who have purchased line art, coloring, and shading)

Will draw:

  • humans or humanoid species
  • furries (ex. @lightningcats)
  • light injury
  • pride flag backgrounds

Won't draw:

  • real people
  • anything sexual
  • scalies
  • skeletons
  • south park
  • severe injury or gore
  • "yandere"
  • any hate or violence symbols or symbols I can't easily google and see if they promote something hateful or are associated with hate groups
  • clearly inconsiderate requests (ex. drawing a character who is a canon lesbian with a straight pride flag)


  • My bio will say whether the commissions are open or closed. The commission post will be pinned while the commissions are open
  • Message me here off anon if you want a commission, name the character (X from Y, or X the OC), and briefly describe what you want
  • I will respond privately, then communication**, timing, and payment order will be discussed individually.
  • Please prepare a reference, a google search I can type in to get the references of the character, or a detailed verbal description of the characters (i might ask for additional pictures and or face claims if only the latter is provided).
  • I reserve my right to refuse the commission because of personal reasons.
  • Please do not edit my work after you've received the finished version. If you want something extra done, like a filter or a sticker, we can always discuss it!
  • if you're using my work on Waterfall, please credit this blog or the ko-fi page. if used as an icon anywhere outside Waterfall, please only give credit by linking my ko-fi page!
  • I do not know all the fandoms and all the media, so... If there is something to your character that a brief google search does not show to me, I expect that it's your responsibility to check if it violates waterfall guidelines, my "don'ts" or will give me severe backlash for drawing them, and make sure none of this happens.

You automatically agree to these terms as soon as you send me the message about the commission.

*characters on the pictures are Ves-Ves and Palla-Palla from Sailor Moon. Images are scaled down to 500x500.

** here, through email or through discord

@pyromanicsea (hope the mention works under readmore)


The whole Amazoness Quartet is here now!

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also if anyone is interested in any other type of commission let me know! I was thinking around chibis, YCHs or simple landscapes. or maybe i should get better at drawing scalies? if y'all have something on your mind, let me know.

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