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you know, going on tumblr makes me think thrice about what i say online (which is generally a good thing but. not to an anxious person)

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such a thing I deal with

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things should be worry abt post online: address, workplace, phone number, other details able make prone to attack
things tumblr culture makes worry abt post online: post shared years ago before said OP/content creator proven bad, bigoted joke shared years ago cause was not educate at time, guilt-trippy post NOT shared cause got untrue/outdate info but no one else realise,

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it's not just about opinions buts its kinda scary how people can and will dig up personal information about you and present it to everyone if they think it's justified

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Honestly, tumblr's kinda toxic for anxious people (in my experience). People seemed always willing to pick fights and/or bully over the smallest things. I was always scared to post my opinion about ANYTHING over there. I'm too weird and people are too judgemental.

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