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Okay, so this "old people shouldn't be able to vote" is spreading again, as in "they shouln't because they don't have much left to live" and im so tired that this is passed as a legitimage argument

Imagine living in a government, the laws of which apply to you just as much as they do to everyone else, and also being more dependent on societalgovernmental support (since old people can't work, get sick, are more fragile and can be neglected by younger members of their families pretty often), having rights, wants, needs and ideas about how government should work

And have all of them disregared because "well you're gonna die soon lol"

No one has ever suggested terminally ill people don't have the right to vote! Because you don't get to joke about "farting in the elevator" about terminally ill people , however, it's somehow easily done about the old people. Because terminally ill pesron can be young and progressive like you! But every old person is probably as conservative as your racist uncle who you have negative associations with. And i get it, most of us have older members of families we wish to distance ourselves from, so it's hard for us to imagine older people in positive life... but should we really go as far as disregard their rights to vote?

"But we're not stereotyping old people, it's really how situation is, the majority of voters are old and conservative and their votes are ruining our current situation" - well maybe that means there should be a way to get through to them instead of just wishing for their votes to be magically gone based on their age and nothing more!

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whoa, didn't know this was an argument.

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guess maybe point ppl try make is like, (conservative) old ppl should not be able dictate system which ruin youth lives when they often so close to gone themselves, & while stella agree, again, is not blanket fix of "old ppl never allow vote & take action"

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ghh, nevr heard ppl say before but just... awful? is true good amt of old ppl conservative, but there also plenty who not... only reason old ppl "the enemy" is cause often most awful & privileged just live longer than disprivileged & progressive, cause of *exact* stuff we need dismantle. but some those ppl ARE still here, & may have fantastic insight & advice to younger folks, even still continue/advocate progressive action in old age! OLD is not enemy, enemy is system & abuse it enables!

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