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Sometimes u shave ur bfs face in a tender display of gay intimacy

Image description:

The image is a digital illustration with almost black lineart, warm colors, and soft shading. Two people are pictured from their torsos up.

Luther, the person on the left, is a taller thinner man with short black hair and naturally tan skin. He has his back to the viewer and is wearing a white tank top. He is also wearing a dangly gold earring. He has hair on his visable forearm and just a little bit trailing up his upper arm.

The other person, Mark, is a short fat man with short dirty blond hair and light, pinkish skin. He has no shirt on, showing that he has lots of curly body hair. He has a few small stretch marks on his visable arm and chest near where they meet.

Luther has one hand gently holding Marks face still, in the other hand he has a razor, which he is using on Marks other cheek.

Mark has his hands on Luther's waist, and he is holding his head slightly upward. His eyes are closed and he is softly smiling. He has shaving cream on his chin. His skin is shining in the light, as if he just came out of the shower.

End of description.

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