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I took this "white people have no culture" thing kinda skeptically since its mostly aimed at white americans and i have no idea what they're like culture-wise (USA is like. younger than my city let alone my country)

but i just saw this makeup challenge where an indian artist said "i saw this and thought about how indian wedidng wear, sari, is very colorful, i want to make a nod to indian culture and incorporate those colors into my makeup"

and a white artist just said "i was inspired by a camo print on a shoe"

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#dang you have a really old city #i mean ok my standards are probably a lot lower but #must have a lot of history in 1 city thats interesting #txt

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"White people have no culture" also doesn't mean that say, Irish people who are white, or Russians, or French etc etc who are white, don't have a culture; But the culture is Irish or Russian or French or whatever, not "white". Whiteness is not a culture.

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