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what in the hell is a danganrompa or whatever its speleled like

is it an anime or a series of games doesn't it have like a bunch of different stuff

and what's the point of it if everyone dies or what

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If you ever want to take a look into it, the anime for the first game (which is afair only 12 episodes) it'd be worth it but yeah I can understand. ^^ It's not everyone's cup of tea.

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thanks everyone for your input!

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i dont know and at this point im too afraid to ask dot jpg

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Its video games

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ok so danganronpa is a videogame series in the murder mystery genre. there are 3 main games, with the first being about 16 students trapped in a school under a sort of Hunger Games rule. if someone dies, they must find out who the killer is, or everyone will be murdered. the murders are super anime-over-the-top, but enjoyable if you like a good detective game!

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