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im classifying you as one of my favorite bands based on my shallow assumptions and your limited choices

yeah, there is really no complicated thought process behind this...
and I don't even know the bands that well.

I talk about magic in the answers but I am not an actual magic-user, I just made everything up since the answers are more like short fictional works if it makes sense. anyway, just don't take this seriously, there is nothing to take!

welcome to the most useless, disfunctional and inaccurate quiz in the entire universe

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Santiano==The 1800s sea shanties... Who doesn't love that?==

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i got lany, not sure who lany is but the quiz answers were amusing

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id recommend Bard's Song and Lord Of The Rings since they're universally appealing and chill,, first one is completely acoustic even i think

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I got Blind Guardian!!

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me, taking my own quiz, knowing damn well what i am going to get:

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