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Sailor Moon Space news - Hiatus and Animations

Hi there!

As you may have noticed, the first Arc of Sailor Moon Space has come to an end. All five chapters are out and you can read them by following links in my bio.

What does "hiatus" mean?

That means there won't be any more episodes/chapters for at least several months. However, you can expect some animated content!

What content???

Here is a list of things I want to animate sooner or later between the arcs:

  • Moon Celestial, Make Up - Sailor Moon Transformation (you can see a preview animation on discord server!)

  • Royal Moonlight Everlasting - Sailor Moon Attack

  • Picture Of The Moon - Sailor Moon Space Arc I Ending (i really don't wanna do it but I want it to exist so I kinda have to)

  • Arc I Epic Trailer/Recap - an animated retelling of the first five Sailor Moon Space episodes for a quick recap of what happened before Arc II (mostly using existing images)

  • And of course, last but not the least, Arc II Opening - Burning Sunlight Everlasting!

When will the hiatus end?

Unfortunately, I am not sure. The world is changing, i have a lot of other projects, and my illness doesn't help. There is a lot of work to be done for Arc II, since it's twice as long as Arc I and a little more complicated. However, as soon as I can estimate any date, I'll tell you on the discord server and on this blog!

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