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Angel Aura Quartz!


  • Angie for short

  • BPD personified

  • Gem is super shattered to three pieces or more

  • Sealed with some metal because metal is keeping me together right now

  • Steven can't really heal this monstrosity because it's really well kept together but still shattered so BPD it is

  • Sligtly more fragile than average gem, poofs and reforoms, generally likes reforming in different appearances

  • Ageless, can pass as a babushka for random kids if she wants to

  • Can't see so well without the glasses

  • Fine with she but kinda hoards genders

  • Can't summon a weapon but has some supernatural abilities aka sensing the emotional aura of people when needed and maybe some metal powers similar to Bismuth's

Made with Gemsona Maker app you can download on Google Play or find on DollDivine website! Five body types and ish!

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so i actually googled angel aura quartz and it looks a lot more transparent and iridiscent but like ...

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