✨moodboard requests rules✨

Currently closed, but will be opened by demand!

in other words, message me now if you want a moodboard, and i will open requests for a fixed period of time.

basic rules:

✨ examples of my work can be found by #babka boards

✨ moodboard request is an ask sent via askbox!

just shoot me an ask "I want a moodboard for x", congrats, you made a request! you name it, you describe it if needed, do it. OCs, fandom, zodiac, genders, pairings, headcanons, you, your blog, etc. if i'm not familiar with the fandom i'll just google it!

i answer an ask you sent me when the moodboard you've requested is already done and posted, OR if i need clarifications on your request!


🚫 no horror, horror fandoms and/or disturbing themes like trauma and gore

🚫 i won't make a mental illness headcanon/ moodboard

🚫 no complicated fandom-specific characteristics*

🚫 i might decline a moodboard request because of personal reasons, but i and you can always request something different!

💡none of the images used in collages are mine*

*let me explain this one a little bit. If you send me an astrological description like "x rising y ascending z in pluto" I will have to research if. If you send me a homestuck character and add "you know, from that era and with this blood type", i will have to research it. Pokemon characters can be tricky too. Please, just tell me simple characteristics or specify the themes you want instead.

**i don't think it's too bad of an issue because they're used in collages, where they are very small, and i gain no profit from using them. i would also never use someone's art for a moodboard. i was considering switching to unsplash and crediting every image i use, but i see no need to do it yet, since waterfall and my followers base are very small, but if you're not fine with me using pinterest, you can always suggest i use something else for me to use.