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  • i draw, write (in Russian), animate things. creations are tagged as #babkart

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  • жыве Беларусь

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Stuff to know

  • Hi! My URL is a Russian word for "grandmother", it also means an old Russian lady in general. The stress in this word is, according to the popular belief, fall on the first "a" - bAbushka. I chose it because I'm old in spirit! I do not yet have grandchildren, but you can be my grandchild.

  • You can address me as babushka, babka, Jess(i)(e), or Hope. I call myself "babka" on this blog but you shouldn't call other old Russian ladies "babka", it will be disrespectful. I use different pronouns for myself, but in most cases, I'm fine with "she".

  • Yes, I'm Russian. Yes, I'm white. No, I didn't hack your elections.

  • I operate my blogs almost exclusively on mobile. Waterfall is the social network I use the most. I like a lot of art posts, but I don't always get the chance to reblog them right away, since there is no fast reblog button and operating with tabs is difficult for me. Sorry in advance!

  • My blog is designed to be safe for minors to follow. It's SFW, and the rare cases of NSFW content are tagged accordingly. I don't usually follow people who are underage, since I am an adult.

  • I don't tend to have strong opinions on topics that I haven't heavily researched.

  • I don't ship/explore abusive/toxic ships/ship dynamics on this blog or any other blog, in case you were wondering.

  • I do also, in case you were wondering, consume media critically. Just because I post about something, it doesn't mean that I agree with everything the creator or their characters have ever said or done. I also don't "stan" anyone since my brain doesn't really work that way. I do appreciate a lot of things, though.

  • I've quite recently discovered that I'm mentally and chronically ill and it affects my life a lot. I am very new to this, and I vent on this blog - you can blacklist "#babka vents" and "#down with the sickness" if you don't want to read this stuff. I also have suicidal thoughts that I vent about too, so don't follow me if you aren't comfortable with this kind of stuff or blacklist #suicide mention too.

  • I tend to overreact in my vents. In case you are worried about me, you need to know that I am not currently in any danger/emergency. My situation is safe and I am relatively stable. In case I need any help from you, my followers, I will ask for it directly.

  • If anything about my blog, my tags, my icons, my URLs, my posts makes you uncomfortable, I would appreciate you talking to me first instead of just instantly blocking me. Of course, it's for you to decide, but I am open to conversation, and a lot of things about my blogs are totally negotiable, at least things as simple as URL/icon change. (Of course, I'm open to a polite conversation, not hate mail, preferably)

  • And, last but not the least, here's a DNI.

Please kindly don't interact with my posts if:

  • You are trans-exclusionary-anything

  • You are a radfem (I have a bad experience with those)

  • You believe in "transtrenders" and/or "bihets"

  • You identify as a "proud aphobe/panphobe", etc.

  • You will try to tell me that certain people are only allowed to use certain pronouns

  • You support Stalin (i hope no one here does. but still, just in case)

  • You excuse police brutality

  • You would make a callout post and then add k*w*f*rms as a "source" with "receipts"... (if you don't know what it is, great, you really shouldn't)

  • If you're a "fan" of real-life serial killers and try to bring your "interest" in them and your so-called "true crime community" to this site. I. WILL. END. YOU. This is my last warning.