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1 hour ago
Monday 20th May 2019 15:22:32

canon: but, unforfunately, those two have never reached their happy ending

fanon: actually, they lived happily ever after sooooo

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1 hour ago
Monday 20th May 2019 15:10:46
gloatbee 20th May 2019 03:00:17 AM - 13 hours ago

a little concept I liked, kinda old now but I always liked how simple but good this was (at least for me)

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1 hour ago
Monday 20th May 2019 15:09:34
hedjeroo 19th May 2019 03:14:23 PM - 1 day ago

hi i'm hedj and i draw gay skeletons and buff cyborg women

most of my content is relating to my undertale au rp blogs which have been in development for like 3-4 years now and basically become stories of their own, and also OCs i've been writing for 5-6 years

i also draw a lot of fanart for games i like such as pokemon


other places i can be found: tumblr, pillowfort, twitter, patreon, ko-fi

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1 hour ago
Monday 20th May 2019 15:07:15
An Anonymous user asked:

thellfies when

thelldev 20th May 2019 02:46:23 PM - 2 hours ago


2 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 14:27:01
coffee asked:

You know what that is? Growth 🌱🌿🌳👍👌

💞uh yeah i sure hope it is💞

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4 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 12:36:46
80roxy08 11th May 2019 01:53:55 PM - 1 week ago
by 80Roxy08

"Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery") is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise."

(Aka "I fucking love to hurt my characters", "Angst is best", "Sorry not sorry but have some self-worth piece in between injuries..?")

4 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 12:26:45

 okay but i can't. i can't stay in the bad mood for too long. its extremely weird but apparently my brain has evolved. into something that doesn't like being sad or scared for long. it feels like it happened overnight but i also feel like a lot of hard work i did led to this.

and it's not a mood swing! i'm not suddenly happy for no reason, i'm just... calm. i Have Processed the Negative Thought... and moved on. and im ok now. even happy about occasional little things. and that's it.

holy crap. 

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6 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 10:55:27
lime 20th May 2019 10:03:53 AM - 6 hours ago

look i love language but french and english should be illigal until yall have had major spelling reforms this is getting rediculus 

"Qu'en dites-vous" what does this even fucking say im crying

lime 20th May 2019 10:17:12 AM - 6 hours ago

hey i want to change this because theyve had spelling reforms but heres the thing yall


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8 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 08:41:39
coffee 20th May 2019 01:26:23 AM - 15 hours ago

Sometimes you just gotta mix magics and fuck shit up

ravenzel 20th May 2019 08:12:13 AM - 8 hours ago


9 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 07:45:41

too many new post so much art can't reblog everything!! 

9 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 07:44:26

you think your life can't get any worse and then ALL your headphones BREAK

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10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:58:14
emls479 20th May 2019 03:38:06 AM - 13 hours ago

Maybe I'll find myself smiling on that distant shore

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10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:57:17
coffee 20th May 2019 01:11:08 AM - 15 hours ago

Sometimes you gotta treat your brain like an errant rude-ass child and condecendingly be the bigger person

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10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:27:37
telepathic-melon 17th May 2019 02:31:36 PM - 3 days ago

oh hey this is pretty cool


lime 20th May 2019 03:15:15 AM - 13 hours ago

things that are pretty cool

  1. this
  2. uuuuuuuh...

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10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:27:18
sun-shimmer 20th May 2019 12:45:55 AM - 16 hours ago

i recently got clip studio paint and it's just. fantastic

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10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:26:09
gloatbee 20th May 2019 12:58:52 AM - 15 hours ago

took me WAAAAY too much time to figure out that Thell is the way people call the developer in this site and not the name of a collectively created deity that almost everyone I have seen in this site worships in a desperate attempt to gain some form of fame or ultimate secret treasure, and that some worships to make relatable shitposts

coffee 20th May 2019 01:16:39 AM - 15 hours ago

what do you mean thell isnt a deity

lime 20th May 2019 01:32:40 AM - 15 hours ago

i once talked to thell and no one believed me, its said that thell is the patron diety of sleepless nights and relentless productivity as well as a minor god of spite

you dont pray to thell for followers or shitposts, shitposts are what you offer to please them

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10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:23:02
baba 20th May 2019 01:49:53 AM - 15 hours ago

broke: referring to yourself in the first person

woke: referring to yourself in the third person

YOLK: referring to yourself in the third person with "a bitch" instead of your name

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10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:18:15
throckmorton 22nd April 2019 12:06:15 AM - 4 weeks ago

Interesting how animals with hair all over their bodies don't have armpit hair, yet the opposite is true for humans

lime 20th May 2019 03:17:56 AM - 13 hours ago

truly the fingerless gloves of nature

babushka 20th May 2019 06:18:15 AM - 10 hours ago

don't... say that

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10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:15:58
archie 20th May 2019 04:34:20 AM - 12 hours ago

shoutout to Rammstein for organically teaching the entire world the German conjugation for "you have" 

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10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:15:22
riko 20th May 2019 04:42:00 AM - 12 hours ago

Really enjoyed making this, I drew the lineart digitally using a pose from a Mucha painting, and colored it digitally.

10 hours ago
Monday 20th May 2019 06:15:01
bigenderfenris asked:

*sends you all my love*

💞thanks love💞

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19 hours ago
Sunday 19th May 2019 21:38:50
zeodyme 19th May 2019 06:32:14 PM - 22 hours ago

Test post. Old ish image done in Apophysis 7.

I like the program but without following tutorials I have zero idea how to make pretty things XD

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20 hours ago
Sunday 19th May 2019 20:49:35
snailcities 19th May 2019 10:47:32 AM - 1 day ago
@snailcities 2019

rats! more rats! they’re here.

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20 hours ago
Sunday 19th May 2019 20:46:40
gloatbee 19th May 2019 07:52:15 PM - 21 hours ago

I have been in this site for like 2 hours and I have seen like 12 posts about more people coming to WF and how there's going to be more content, and honestly lads, how did you manage for so long???

babushka 19th May 2019 08:46:40 PM - 20 hours ago

improvise, adapt, overcome, cat memes

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20 hours ago
Sunday 19th May 2019 20:43:30
babushka 19th May 2019 07:24:30 PM - 21 hours ago


i lied. this thing just seriously crushed me. i have no idea how to show up to work now, my home feels like a trap and my relationship is probably going to end brutally very soon. somehow, i have no one to talk to and nowhere to go. i didn't just lose everything, i've realised i've never had a thing. because. i am not needed. i was convinced my family never saw me as a human, so why would anybody else? fuck. fuck. 

babushka 19th May 2019 08:43:30 PM - 20 hours ago

everything is over. i need to go home and i have none. i don't want to "be strong" anymore. i don't want to "get though it" and i don't believe things will change for the better 'cause things can only change if im the one changing them. i should have died when i could, but now i can't even do that. see y' all in another life, hopefully