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wittywallflower 20th July 2019 04:00:40 PM - 19 hours ago

Sunset 2011

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moon 21st July 2019 08:44:06 AM - 2 hours ago
Odette Hall 2019

I made a body pillow atspur as a joke 
she's a robot so there's nothing to censor :)

2 hours ago
Sunday 21st July 2019 08:21:57

gRapHic DeSiGn is myPa SS i O n

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babushka 21st July 2019 07:05:13 AM - 3 hours ago

the blog is active again! sorta... 

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transwerewolf 20th July 2019 11:10:37 PM - 11 hours ago

@babushka i dk if ur interested but heres a lil rundown on how i usually do my digital phone art :3

first i upload a traditional sketch, sometimes ill edit my proportions and posing with the transform tool

then on a new layer i do the line art!! (often with the canvass mirrored so i can avoid mistakes i didnt see before)

for medibang paint on ur phone these check marked boxes will allow ur brush stroke to have a varied thickness than u can figure out and use to ur advantage (this only works for a few brushes though :( )

after that i just hide my sketch layer and make a new layer under the line art where i just do some simple flat color with the paint bucket tool (i still havent figured out shading digitally)

babushka 21st July 2019 07:01:04 AM - 4 hours ago

oh cool! Medibang! I saw it being recommended but i don't remember it being on phones like mine. Did you do that with a some sort of stylus or by hand??

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naiad 20th July 2019 10:07:45 PM - 12 hours ago

When Marnie Was There (2014)

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kunaipaint 21st July 2019 02:15:34 AM - 8 hours ago

ayy im allowed to post my piece now.

My OCs for an OC summer zine i was in :)

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Saturday 20th July 2019 21:44:08
transwerewolf 20th July 2019 08:40:26 PM - 14 hours ago

soft man,,

redraw of a mark i drew abt a year ago under the cut :3

here i was just learning how to draw digitally on my phone so naturallly the line art is a bit lacking but i still love the colors and wanted to do a lil tribute to it

babushka 20th July 2019 09:44:08 PM - 13 hours ago

you did thats on your phONE? Dude that's insanely good. And the redraw is even better 

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anime-snacks 20th July 2019 09:41:10 PM - 13 hours ago

The Rose of Versailles

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yampurro 19th July 2019 06:16:20 PM - 2 days ago

jordan !

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archie 20th July 2019 06:58:21 PM - 16 hours ago

it's kind of a cultural thing to tell everyone else that they don't know real bad weather regardless where you are and where they are. I find that I can't even say "it's cold here" without anyone from elsewhere interpreting that as "I know real cold, I am the only one who has ever been cold" because it's just that expected

archie 20th July 2019 07:00:08 PM - 16 hours ago

or rather, I couldn't say. I'm in the desert now and no longer experience "cold" as a sensation

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Saturday 20th July 2019 18:57:19
transwerewolf asked:

From what I've seen it's more that most Americans don't know that eroupeans don't usually have air conditioning, that combined with Americans in certain areas being used to higher temperatures has lead to ignorant jokes 

cosmicaces 20th July 2019 06:32:49 PM - 16 hours ago

i dont...understand why people make jokes about this sort of thing like it's not funny not everyone has access to technologies that help us in times of extreme weather. then again, a lot of people are fucked up and so desensitized that they dont care how rude their "jokes" come across

abby 20th July 2019 06:35:47 PM - 16 hours ago


i mean we're dying of heat stroke karen

archie 20th July 2019 06:51:40 PM - 16 hours ago

it's just as often a matter of literally just not knowing that other places (even within the us, to say nothing of other countries) have different weather expectations and different equipment on hand

like, for a similar but slightly different angle, growing up in the north we thought it was hilarious that schools and businesses and stuff more southward would close for snow because the only way snow can stop wisconsin is by literally barricading our doors, our schools only canceled if the buses can't make it through the snow and ice which is typically once a year. it was kind of mind blowing to be informed that they close for "just a foot of snow" or whatever seemingly laughable amount because they don't keep nearly as much equipment (snow plows, salt, etc) to deal with a problem they don't actually see often

central air is very common throughout the us so it's a lot of assuming that europe must have 1. the same heat and 2. the same tools to deal with it

babushka 20th July 2019 06:57:19 PM - 16 hours ago

Russia also has no AC but also no heatwaves yet. Hot water disappeas occasionally in Summer but that's it

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Resin rings

princeofdoom 20th July 2019 05:32:56 PM - 17 hours ago

I have these resin rings that I’ll sell for $15 US each. They’re 1 size fits most, but I’ll send a bit of chain along if you’re not sure they’ll fit so they can be worn on necklaces. And like with my witch bottles, I won’t charge for shipping if you’re in the US. But they ARE first come first serve so please talk to me before sending money if you want one.

I’ll make some more soon but these are what I have rn. My ko-fi account is: https://ko-fi.com/catfluid

Will update when I add more or they are sold!

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syrup 20th July 2019 04:09:44 PM - 18 hours ago

My hair this morning is like POOF >:3c

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babushka 20th July 2019 01:21:18 PM - 21 hours ago

me and @syrup are the backbone of the good place fandom on waterfall 

syrup 20th July 2019 03:33:11 PM - 19 hours ago


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rest 18th July 2019 11:01:38 PM - 2 days ago

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corky 20th July 2019 08:39:58 AM - 1 day ago

hiccups are the devils work

star0rice 20th July 2019 08:48:02 AM - 1 day ago

One of the best ways I’ve found to deal with hiccups is to have someone (even if it’s just yourself) ask you to prove that you have the hiccups. It’s like, never failed me. I can never hiccup to prove it. Don’t ask me why this works. 

crownedwithwisteria 20th July 2019 02:03:52 PM - 20 hours ago

my mom used to try that with me bc when I was younger I'd get hiccups whenever I so much as giggled (now I only get them if I laugh super hard) and she also tried the "I'll give you 5 dollars if you hiccup for me right now". this would backfire because nothing, apparently, could supress the hiccups of doom.

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Saturday 20th July 2019 15:01:14
corky 20th July 2019 01:57:53 PM - 21 hours ago

☀️ ☀️ i'm gay like the fucking sun ☀️ ☀️ 

emlynlua 20th July 2019 02:22:06 PM - 20 hours ago

and here we see waterfall user corky, momentarily possessed by the god apollo

20 hours ago
Saturday 20th July 2019 15:00:03

one like one prayer to uh. to uhhhhhhhhhhh

21 hours ago
Saturday 20th July 2019 13:27:20

Michael at the beginning of the series: i am an eternal being who can see in nine dimensions and i am undefeatable

Michael at the end of season three: I AM Incompetent And My Neck Is Too Fat

21 hours ago
Saturday 20th July 2019 13:21:18

me and @syrup are the backbone of the good place fandom on waterfall 

22 hours ago
Saturday 20th July 2019 12:35:09

health update:

  • do americans have their thermometers in farenheit shift
  • ok so
  • i deduced dizzyness was something to blame on my antibiotics
  • and general stress level 
  • i have a 37,4 fever for the last like 5 days but i think other cold symptoms are starting to kick in which means its ok!! Just a common cold!! Whew!! 
  • im on vacation from work finally
  • my birthday is in FOUR DAYS

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cosmicaces 20th July 2019 12:49:03 AM - 1 day ago

hello everyone!

being that temperatures in some areas are going to be off the shits, please please please remember to stay cool and hydrated! if you or someone else find yourself feeling dizzy, nauseous, experiencing muscle weakness, or having a rapid heartbeat, quickly get yourself or the person experiencing symptoms to a cooler area! use a damp cloth on your underarms on forehead to help cool down. if it doesnt help or symptoms worsen, seek medical help!

here's how you can stay cool:

  • keep the lights off! light generates heat
  • wear light clothing! dark clothing absorbs heat and you will be overheated
  • keep the windows open if you do not have air conditioning! if you do, keep them closed!
  • close the blinds! if you don't have any, use blankets to cover the windows
  • if you have fans, have them on and nearby any source of cool air! this will help circulate the air

feel free to add any additional tips o/

thelldev 20th July 2019 06:08:09 AM - 1 day ago

Excellent post! A few extras from me:

  • If you DO need a light on, get an LED bulb! You can get ones that use 4W of energy for the equivalent light of a 60W incandescent bulb (they also last a lot longer!)
  • If you can, open a window on one side of the house, and a window on the opposite - this'll create a cross breeze pulling warm air out of the building. 
  • Turn things OFF instead of leaving them on standby - stuff on standby still produces heat.
  • Keep a spray bottle of water nearby and spritz yourself occasionally - even ambient temperature water will help cool you down quite a bit through evaporative cooling (a quick shower works too!)

abby 20th July 2019 11:43:52 AM - 23 hours ago
  • Take cold showers if you can. Or swap the water to cold right at the end. 
  • You can buy stuff like "magicool" and cooling mists if you dont wanna use a spray bottle of water. They act the same but the mist always comes out Very Cold. 
  • if you can, open all windows in ur house and keep the door to ur room open. Allow the air to flow freely. 
  • keep a cloth or flannel wet with cold water next to you as u can dab iton u when u need it. 
  • change ur clothes often and wipe urself if u hate feeling sweaty. 
  • if ur watering the garden, do it once the sun is no longer shining right on the plants. And also water urself to stay cool lmao
  • invest in a fan. Or seven. 
  • for americans: dont bully ppl in europe or the uk who are suffering with the heat. We rarely have air con, most of us are not adapted to the heat, and the ppl who suffer the most are elderly, children or sick people. Ur bulling makes me wanna put u in an oven. 

- abby, a brit who is sivk of these fucking heatwaves

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archie 20th July 2019 08:19:41 AM - 1 day ago

putting something back in the dishwasher like "okay this didn't get clean the first 50 times but maybe 51 is exactly how many it needs and me hand washing it now would be a complete waste of my time and energy. can't risk it"

star0rice 20th July 2019 08:49:39 AM - 1 day ago

Dude, we don’t wven have a dish washer and we do this shit. We just put it back in the sink and hope the whoever’s up for dishes gets it right next time.

its absolutely baffling how many times thisbhqs happened in a row with the same dish.

1 day ago
Saturday 20th July 2019 10:00:02

oh also did the good place just do THAT

i've heard it touches on capitalism and ethical consumption but i didn't think it'd be THAT straightworward